“Janet worked for me on two challenging introductory psychology textbooks at the same time, one as art editor and one as photo researcher. Both titles were top-sellers for us and had large photo programs and an author who is very particular about the photos that go into his books. Janet was doing so well as art editor on the first title that I hired her to research photos for the second. She worked extremely well with the author, did quality work, and always made her deadlines. One of our production service freelancers liked working with Janet so much that she asked if we could hire Janet as art editor for her next project. We did. And so should you!” 

Brett Coker, The McGraw-Hill Companies

“Janet has done tremendous work for our publishing company; from cover design to interior layout & design on multiple books covering several genres. She is always on time and always delivers a professionally developed product. She has years of publishing experience that she brings to the table each and every time. Working with Janet is a pleasure.”

Tris Coburn, co-publisher, Cadent Publishing


"...I would like to add special thanks to .... and Janet Robbins of International Marine for doing an outstanding job of refining the flow and readability, and formatting the manuscript into what you see here. Interweaving a large number of graphics and sidebars, and making it easy to find topics was their doing."

Bob Sweet, author, The Weekend Navigator, published by McGraw-Hill

"....thanks to Janet Robbins and others for their hard work making the book read well and flow smoothly."

Gary Jobson, author, Championship Sailing, published by McGraw-Hill

"This is the first time I have seen Janet's work. It is terrific!"

"The first page of each chapter with the different graphics is stunning."

"I must say you have done a remarkable job on this manual. I regard myself as very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you. It has been a professional and personal pleasure of the best kind."

Ronald Kessel, editor, Weather Manual, published by The United States Power Squadrons

".....as the publisher of a bimonthly, high-end, collector's magazine, it was important to me that the text and photos for each article were received "by deadline" in the correct formats. For each successive issue Janet delivered text and photos on time and provided whatever "tweaking" I asked her to do....my work experience with Ms. Robbins was a pleasure and in every way altogether satisfactory...I recommend her highly as a thoroughly competent professional."

Stan Van Etten, Publisher

Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine

"... All of my books are immeasurable better because the staff at International Marine (a div. of McGraw-Hill) and you in particularly have consistently cared enough to imagine and revise and tweak until you had a book you were happy with. The results have invariably been better than the book in my minds eye and for that I am forever appreciative."

Don Casey, author of numerous books for McGraw-Hill

"We have produced over 700 books together—to count the total number of pages, photos, and illustrations would be mind boggling. Suffice it to say we could not have done it without you—your hard work, your good humor, and your steadfastness. I have been honored to have your company and presence over the last 21 years. I have appreciated your willingness to pitch-in—big or small, you have risen to the challenges and tasks presented to you, responding with grace, hard work, and your marvelous, dry, downeast humor. Thanks for giving so much to the company, and to me over the years."

Molly Mulhern, Director of Editing, Design and Production, The McGraw-Hill Companies

“At McGraw-Hill Janet has routinely produced substantial books, heavily illustrated, and on average 300 pages long. Books that require close coordination of text and art programs. Janet’s handling of such titles is thorough and meticulous, and she delivers them on time and on budget. Our publishing program also includes narrative nonfiction, and in these Janet shows a mastery of type and text design.  Working under demanding deadlines, she has shown herself to be efficient and unflappable.  In 21 years, I have never heard a harsh word from her, nor seen her lose her composure. Without reservation I recommend Janet.”

Jonathan Eaton, Editorial Director, The McGraw-Hill Companies

 "Kudos to ... and Janet Robbins for the imaginative design of the book and its cover. With good grace, forbearance, and attention to detail, they wrestled with an unwieldy number of photographs I sent their way."

Lynn Haney, author, Camping in Comfort, published by McGraw-Hill